Thursday, March 20, 2008

Once you go tarck, you never go barck. (Which has nothing to do , at all, with the man who would be prez.)

See this before it's gone.

I'm so frickin stoked. Hopworks Urban Brewery is finally getting their shit together and getting the doors open. Initially, I was just stoked because bicycle-themed (themed is not the right word. Oriented? Centric?) brewpubs
only come along every once in a great while (like, never), and the IPA they have been sending out, although not utterly fantastical, is pretty damn good. Now I'm REALLY stoked because I just found out that the HUB's new pizza chef used to run Lanesplitters down in the Oakland/Berkeley interface. Again, not the most fantastical pizza in the world (although, a lot of people swear it's the best), but pretty frickin goddammned good. I guess it's less about the pizza, and more about the great memories that I have of Lanesplitters. Anyway, I'm happy that dude's here, and will be proving it by wheeling The Lads in for a pint and a slice someday very soon.

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