Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just found out that our overpriced English pals over at Rapha are going to be hosting roller races on the NAHBS friday night, and then a 39 mile brevet thru the west hills on sunday morning.


Most awesome.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looks like I'm lagging between posts here. Stupid real life, cutting into my internet time...

We've moved and are virtually unpacked but by no means settled. The new neighborhood is great. Steps to Laurelhurst park, a block off of 39th and Burnside, which makes getting anywhere in Portland, either by car, bike or bus, super easy. Belmont, Hawthorne, and even Division (all hail mighty Pok Pok!) are walking distance, but why you'd walk when there's a bike rack in front of every store/restaraunt/movie theater is beyond me.

The weather is ultra-shitty. I drove the Saturn to work on monday and damn near crashed into somebody's house. This morning I had to lock the Black Truck into 4L to get to the jobsite. I was the only person there until 10:30.
But, my attitude is "bring the shit"-- It's just a little rain and snow and sleet and hail and frozen fog and black ice. Fuckit. Summer is so killer here, it's worth it.

The 43's are coming out for the NAHBS soon. It'll be my third consecutive show, and the first that I don't have to ride (race?) a track bike through 55 miles of shitty SF to San Jose traffic to attend. We're looking forward to seeing, drinking with, laughing, arguing, shit-talking, and eventually waking the babies up doing something loud and dumb. It may involve purple teeth and Speedo underwear and mounds of drugs and horrible, horrible hangovers. It will involve a certain amount of bicycling, ogling bicycles, and trying to keep down greasy breakfasts. I am so looking forward to it.

Speaking of The Lads, they both have PINKEYE! It's really great.

I stole this off of SFfixed because I like her style;


Friday, January 18, 2008

How can I be all excited for the 08 season ?
I'm fat as fuck. And not the good kind of fuck.
The drunk, fat, sloppy kind.
First (last?) race series starts this weekend, and I haven't so much as looked a a bicycle in 3 weeks. If I go to Vanport on sunday, I will surely die.

But, it hasn't really rained in 4 days, it's friday, Longhammer was on sale at Safeway, the Lads are playing quietly, and the furnace just kicked on.

JoshyJosh rolled into town unannounced last night. He's doing a semi run with scary/loveable/scary Gene and they happened thru Cascadia. Nice to catch up. Man, we sure miss our folks down there, but if it's not the same old "This dude's dead, this dude's strung-out, Dingus married Fatso, the bridge is still all fucked up.." Etc... Sheesh.

We're moving, carpentering, and doing some seriously involved parenting this weekend. Rock.

This here is pretty good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man, Oh man. The Holidays ended, and what should be the mellow, mellow month of January has been just retarded.

Nice to see our old friends from the Oakland this last weekend, though. We got a little (very little) maxing and relaxing done, but it was a far cry from those perfect Oakland afternoons out on the deck, sucking on something cold, getting just liquid enough for the trip to La Pinata and then some epic card playing. We miss you guys...

The Lads are fully insane. They turned the big oh-one and its all shit and bruises.

Moving house has commenced in earnest, and we should be comfortably ensconced within ten days or so. I cannot wait to be living without the refuse, scuzz, and brown paper of the past few months.

We've lately been blessed a thousand times with the kindnesses of near-strangers, and our current digs are one of the kindest, but it's been an extraordinarily trying couple of years, and for god's sake I just want to unpack those fucking boxes.

The sun shines on Portland as we speak. It fills one with hope.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ebay giveth, ebay taketh away.

I'm fucking sick of hauling my records around.
We're moving into our swanky new digs in a couple of weeks, and though I've pared it down to just a few crates of essentials, I finally decided to just make the break and go vinyl-free. Lighten the load, dig?
First to go were all the obnoxious Billy Childish stuff from the '90's. I guess it's the weak dollar or something, but the euro record nerds slurp that shit up like Stella and frites. 26 records=just over $800=first month's rent on swanky digs.

Thums up.

This here just dropped and gets me all hot and bothered for springtime:



Molly Cameron has been off racing in Europe, and is selling a bunch of REALLY nice 'cross stuff to pay his way home. Pink Kings laced to Zipp's? Anyone?

I need to sell more records...