Saturday, January 17, 2009

It seems that everyone is in the same boat lately. Laid off, broke, waiting for spring and the wheels to start turning again.

Idaho is always a trip. Sort of great and sort of a bummer. Coming home out of the eastern Oregon tule fog and seeing the sun bouncing around in the Gorge was a welcome sight indeed. It is truly wonderful to be back in Portland.

Anyway, we killed some fish.



Brother-in-law brought in a pair of Mallards who ended up as a late, but satisfying dinner for the whole family.

And we drove a couple of thousand miles with two two-year-old boys.

They like rivers, trains, big trucks, lonesome mountains, and fried trout.

So far, so good.


reverend dick said...

Well played, Sir. Raising them boys right!

Gunnar Berg said...

The Christmas when my late kid brother was probably four my parents gave him a toy train, 'cause that is what he asked for, "a train". He was one pissed off little boy, 'cause he wanted a TRAIN, not a toy train. A train; you know, "trains are big and black and smokin' - steam screamin' at the wheels". A kid's dream.