Monday, November 3, 2008

The Crusade

I'm just gonna go ahead and link to pdxcross every week because you need to see it and get all jealous.

(EDIT: See photo 28. That's my buddy Troy in the S&M jersey looking like he's gonna die at the top of that run/ride-up. And if you look in the top right corner of the same pic, there's me and my rear spinergy.)

First MUD of the season on an absolutely beautiful course. Real fast, more pavement than normal, no steep climbs and plenty of run-ups. The only barrier was a 2'x2' concrete wall that was more of a climb than a hop.

My group got called up second from last this week, and the chute being so narrow, I watched the lead-out for a good 20 seconds before I even clipped in. Thankfully, I got by a good 50 riders before the first descent, and picked off probably 20 more during the last two laps.

61st place wouldn't normally be a finish to be proud of, but I worked hard for that bitch.

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