Monday, November 10, 2008


Ever since we've been in Portland, I've really been missing my old city bike.
I put it together just before the move from Oakland to The Reddest State, and sadly, it didn't see much use out there.

I was doing my 18 mile morning road loop,
frozen water bottles and all, and was spending the rest of my time on the 29er, bushwacking cow trails out in bum-fucking nowhere,
but we were living in the farmhouse and I was one of only two cyclists in our small town, so the townie just sort of decorated the garage most of the time.

It eventually went on ebay, got shipped to L.A., and a few weeks later I saw pictures of Earl riding it around.

Ces't la vie...

Well, the Rossin
is packed up and gone back to the Yay Area, and a new and improved townie should be arriving sometime today.

Check back for pictures.

Ok, here's a hint...

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Wow, these really are exciting times we are living in. Can't wait to see more.