Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This was before we got another four inches yesterday.
They're saying four to six more tomorrow.
Hamachi, Wife, and Dogs are supposed to be driving up from Oakland tomorrow.
I know how much they like Redding, but I hope they don't have to spend the Holiday there.



Fxdwhl said...

I know there's only a handful of plows to cover the whole city, but does any even own shovels? I thought it always rained there? cold and little snow over this way.

A23 said...

Well, I suppose we could dig ourselves out if we really wanted to, but it's much more fun skiing around town and drinking eggnog lattes and smiling at the kids on sleds who are so excited for Santa and drifting the 4x4 up and down Stark St.

So, uh, no.

Wait. You telling me it snows other places, too?

Do people still have to go to work?

Fxdwhl said...

I think it was in 96 that we got around 3ft in one shot and shut everything down for a week. My farmer neighbor had us plowed out for a day or two before the township got around to us.

Snow biking on my old Stumpjumper M2 on empty single passable lane roads and trying to ride over every snow bank. Fun.

Since then we haven't been snowed in for more than a couple of hours. They take plows and salt very seriously around here.