Monday, December 8, 2008

The Goggles Do Nothing.

Apologies all round for the bummer posts and short absence. Life's got me by the short hairs and is threatening to toss me down the stairs.

Let's review:

Cross season is over.

The Lads speak now.

Bourbon County.

It still hasn't really rained.

I go to bed at 5 am more often than I'd like to. Once a week, but still...

New shop space? Affirmative. More to follow.

If I have to eat any more vegan chili, there's going to be blood.

The Sart says I'm finally back in style.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Four Races this year, that's good work. Who taught the lads to speak? Thought you were going to hold off till they were in high school.

A23 said...

Funny, my level of involvement/training/pain/bad dreams/cash outlay points to me having done 85 races this season.

I think you need to do a recount, Hamachi.