Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Note to My Wife


Installation utilizing broken toys, found objects, a tent, a table, and discarded foodstuffs.


Detail: Crayola marker on butcher paper.


Moping with Intent to Gawk said...

Hmm, nice composition, the found objects are wonderful. The indigo chicken scratch on vanilla butcher paper cast against the ebony tabletop is an exquisite display of your mastery of contrast. You have outdone yourself Mister TwoThree, simply fabulous!

A23 said...

Art is where you find it, buddy.

In this case I found it at the bottom of three Ninkasi Oatis bombers.

Moping with Intent to Gawk said...

Not sure what those are but they sound delicious. Costco had (maybe still has) Heineken cases for $24, I was hammerin those til they ran out. Currently occupying space in the fridge right now is: one bottle of WinterHook, one bottle of Heineken, 11 cans of Old Mil and two gifted bottles of Spanish bubbly: a Raventos I Blanc and a magnum of Cristalino Cava.
Yeah, holidays.