Monday, December 15, 2008

The Buff Medways

When I get lazy I post music.

And I've been back to listening to Childish.

This one is a terrible song, but I like the clip and it's about his mom riding bikes in austere postwar Britain. I like everything about that.

Sometimes on iced-up, 22 degree days like this I wish that everyone had no choice but to get on a bicycle or walk to the bus stop. Except for old ladies who have already lived through a bunch of hard times. For them I wish that the grocery stores still delivered.

Real strange out the last few days, what with snow on what the weather-jerks like to call the "valley floor", and me and Big Blue out trying to stay upright. There have been 40mph gusts and it's freezing and there is ice under the snow but yesterday I rode for 3 hours for fun and I just kept thinking about Patches and how he used to do it for a living in Minneapolis, and it sort of seemed okay. Today I just rode to get a beer and fuck almighty was it cold to be on the bike.

I'm geared up good with Swiss and German army woolens, some Filson, some Barbour, $6 plastic bmx pedals and my Danner hikers but all of my tips were cold. You can keep your fucking Assos bibs. When the weather turns to true shit you better have some serious wool and leather and waxed cotton on hand. There have been no racer boys out on the streets. Only Subarus and Volvos with telltale racks on top. Pussies.

Yesterday I strapped 30# of groceries to my porteur rack and made it half a block on 28th before I fell onto a curb. This on top of the night before drinking poison and getting towel-snapped all over my legs and staying out until 3:30 so my wife was smelling me to see where I'd been. I did not smell good, but there was no glitter, so it was alright.

I have been serving penance by changing all of the diapers, cooking noodles and trying for two days to get un-hungover but I just keep getting drunk.

I feel like writing a poem about it but I think I'll spare you.

There is still no work.

The money is spent.

I hope next year will be better for us.

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