Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just found out that our overpriced English pals over at Rapha are going to be hosting roller races on the NAHBS friday night, and then a 39 mile brevet thru the west hills on sunday morning.


Most awesome.


fourthree said...

By the looks of the elevation profile ( the ride on Sunday is gonna be a climb-fest. Good thing I'm totally out of shape. We can ride off the back together. It'll be special. I hope you realize that we have to be there by 7a.m.....all hungover and crappy. I emailed those folks and RSVP'd. Good Times.

A23 said...

Yeah, the west hills are more like big fucking mountains.
I plan on taking it way easy-- Let the fast boys in the $400 wind shells prove their mettle on the mountain.