Friday, January 18, 2008

How can I be all excited for the 08 season ?
I'm fat as fuck. And not the good kind of fuck.
The drunk, fat, sloppy kind.
First (last?) race series starts this weekend, and I haven't so much as looked a a bicycle in 3 weeks. If I go to Vanport on sunday, I will surely die.

But, it hasn't really rained in 4 days, it's friday, Longhammer was on sale at Safeway, the Lads are playing quietly, and the furnace just kicked on.

JoshyJosh rolled into town unannounced last night. He's doing a semi run with scary/loveable/scary Gene and they happened thru Cascadia. Nice to catch up. Man, we sure miss our folks down there, but if it's not the same old "This dude's dead, this dude's strung-out, Dingus married Fatso, the bridge is still all fucked up.." Etc... Sheesh.

We're moving, carpentering, and doing some seriously involved parenting this weekend. Rock.

This here is pretty good.

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