Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ebay giveth, ebay taketh away.

I'm fucking sick of hauling my records around.
We're moving into our swanky new digs in a couple of weeks, and though I've pared it down to just a few crates of essentials, I finally decided to just make the break and go vinyl-free. Lighten the load, dig?
First to go were all the obnoxious Billy Childish stuff from the '90's. I guess it's the weak dollar or something, but the euro record nerds slurp that shit up like Stella and frites. 26 records=just over $800=first month's rent on swanky digs.

Thums up.

This here just dropped and gets me all hot and bothered for springtime:



Molly Cameron has been off racing in Europe, and is selling a bunch of REALLY nice 'cross stuff to pay his way home. Pink Kings laced to Zipp's? Anyone?

I need to sell more records...

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fourthree said...

Racing starts in a month and I am out of shape and broke. I don't know if I can even afford to renew my license. It maybe time to sell my Billy Childish records from the 90's.

Getting dropped sucks.