Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Man, Oh man. The Holidays ended, and what should be the mellow, mellow month of January has been just retarded.

Nice to see our old friends from the Oakland this last weekend, though. We got a little (very little) maxing and relaxing done, but it was a far cry from those perfect Oakland afternoons out on the deck, sucking on something cold, getting just liquid enough for the trip to La Pinata and then some epic card playing. We miss you guys...

The Lads are fully insane. They turned the big oh-one and its all shit and bruises.

Moving house has commenced in earnest, and we should be comfortably ensconced within ten days or so. I cannot wait to be living without the refuse, scuzz, and brown paper of the past few months.

We've lately been blessed a thousand times with the kindnesses of near-strangers, and our current digs are one of the kindest, but it's been an extraordinarily trying couple of years, and for god's sake I just want to unpack those fucking boxes.

The sun shines on Portland as we speak. It fills one with hope.


WBC Boise Chapter said...

Oh, the 510...


Hope things are well.

A23 said...

Seriously, yo. All the good times notwithstanding, Oakland is still a damn good place to get shot, robbed, run down, or otherwise fucked up.
I miss it until I have to go back and realize that we ain't missing shit.