Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looks like I'm lagging between posts here. Stupid real life, cutting into my internet time...

We've moved and are virtually unpacked but by no means settled. The new neighborhood is great. Steps to Laurelhurst park, a block off of 39th and Burnside, which makes getting anywhere in Portland, either by car, bike or bus, super easy. Belmont, Hawthorne, and even Division (all hail mighty Pok Pok!) are walking distance, but why you'd walk when there's a bike rack in front of every store/restaraunt/movie theater is beyond me.

The weather is ultra-shitty. I drove the Saturn to work on monday and damn near crashed into somebody's house. This morning I had to lock the Black Truck into 4L to get to the jobsite. I was the only person there until 10:30.
But, my attitude is "bring the shit"-- It's just a little rain and snow and sleet and hail and frozen fog and black ice. Fuckit. Summer is so killer here, it's worth it.

The 43's are coming out for the NAHBS soon. It'll be my third consecutive show, and the first that I don't have to ride (race?) a track bike through 55 miles of shitty SF to San Jose traffic to attend. We're looking forward to seeing, drinking with, laughing, arguing, shit-talking, and eventually waking the babies up doing something loud and dumb. It may involve purple teeth and Speedo underwear and mounds of drugs and horrible, horrible hangovers. It will involve a certain amount of bicycling, ogling bicycles, and trying to keep down greasy breakfasts. I am so looking forward to it.

Speaking of The Lads, they both have PINKEYE! It's really great.

I stole this off of SFfixed because I like her style;


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