Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heckle Pit

Someone's camera phone movie of sunday's Heckle Pit. Note the human barriers (which moved all over the course), and the stack of caskets (which were re-arranged every lap).

Every lap. Laply?

That's already a word, right?


reverend dick said...


What an unbelievably kickass group of degenerates.
You are lucky.

A23 said...

Wellll, apparently one of the Jr racers got a little beer sprayed on him (we're talking about a 16-year-old here, and I can tell you for sure that it was collateral damage) which of course turned into "I heard a kid got smashed in the face with a full beer can".

The Bike Jocks who were heartily, and rightfully, booed and sprayed for showing up to race in their kit, pissed and moaned to such a degree that I predict, very shortly, the end of drunken cyclocross in Oregon.

They're putting a beer garden in for next weekend's SSCXWC's. No more beer on the course. This looks like the end, amigos.

Planning is already underway for an underground spring series for friends and friends of friends. Stay posted.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Dressed as Cross Crusade barriers. Brilliant.

Sorry to hear about the Man coming to town and putting in a beer garden.