Monday, November 2, 2009


You might be thinking that it's all smoke. Or some kind of hysteria.

That it's being packaged and presented to you in a way that somehow amplifies its glory.

None of this is fake.

It's all dirt, blood, booze and blind dedication to an unknown cause.




grimm said...

I like to think of cyclocross as the common racers search for fleeting glory, along with a reason to get out and play in the nasty weather.

grimm said...
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dirty and pink said...

hope to see you at PIR. please, someone in masters give c.ruby a run for his money. idaho expats unite.

A23 said...

Yeah, missed you guys this weekend. I heard C fell off a ladder!

I just fake flat tires to get out of racing. Maybe I need to step up my game.