Thursday, August 14, 2008

No, I didn't buy myself a sweet new salsa frame and a pair of eerewspooks. Though, I must admit, the thought of doing either or both of those things has very recently been filtered through the dingy, beer-soaked bar-rag that sits where my brain used to lie.


Thankfully, massive inhaled doses of Vittoria Mastik One has helped straighten me out. (aside: Me, and my new to me Ksyriums cannot fucking wait for cyclocross season to start)

Good old Jonny Hamachi took our recent, serious convo (the one where we decided that next time he comes to Portland we are not going to spend the majority of the visit either drunk as whores on sunday, or so impaired by hangover as to spend $56 on sandwiches, chips and beers from fucking Zupan. Don't even get me started on Zupan. Cocksuckers) to heart, and mailed one of his bikes up here.

This one, to be exact.


And frankly, Silas is fuckin beside himself.

See you soon, Hamachi. Don't forget your ball.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Damn, Silas looks great! So you do your glasses. You beautiful MotherFuckers. We miss you four Bitches. No, Really, We Do. GG can't talk about it right now. All she says is she misses her Re Re and her boyz...

Fucking Freepeople.

oldschooly said...

Love the specs. Can I steel the ol' peg board on the side of cheap shelving trick? I'm starting a 30 in 30 on the first of September. Oh yes.

WBC Boise Chapter said...

HOLY HOLD STEADY! No, I do like the new goggles, we used to refer to those as "Minneapolis glasses" as they were the frame of choice for every barfly in that town that didn't have a mustache. And since anyone that ever moved away from MPLS moved to PDX it makes sense. Now what am I going to rock when my already bad vision gets worse? Damn you Freebird and your impeccable sense of style!