Thursday, May 22, 2008

A belated congrats to Portland's newly elected mayor, Sam Adams. We here at the pleasurefucker couldn't be happier that you're taking over the helm.
Just another reason to love living here.


I hosted the first pdxfixed wrench night in my basement on tuesday night. I happened to run into a guy I knew from my bartending days in Sf, who also happens to be a pretty good wheel builder, so we held a seminar. We drank beer, trued up some hoops, put people on the rollers, and generally created havoc in a small space. Hopefully somebody learned something.

The G's came to town and beat my liver to within an inch of its life. I miss you guys, but we gotta stop cramming 6 months worth of booze into two nights. I just can't hang.

We bowled, and it was not pretty. Hamachi 1, Pleasurefucker 1. Rematch soon, bitch.

Layed off again today, and the weather is grey. I'ma load the Lads up and go check out the nurseries. Seems like a good way to kill time until wifey brings home the Pok. Anyway, I've got bonsai on the brain again, so time to start looking for some suitable stock. Figure it takes between 10/20 years to train something up really nice, so I better get started. Funny about undertaking a thing like this, knowing you may be starting a project that will not be finished while you are alive. It gives one a sense of place. These hands will manipulate. These hands will grow. These hands will be gone sometime soon.


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Jonny Hamachi said...

Damn, now your the old man throwing down the knowledge. I can't wait till the lads can turn a wrench, and water a bonzai, and wash the truck, and mow the lawn, and race everything. Q: "What do you race Freeman?" A: " Whaddyagot?"