Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday is like a slow suicide, without death's sweet release.

I ran out of work at the shop today, and it's looking like I might be layed-off for the rest of the week. We can by no means afford it, but I could use a break, and I have numerous other projects that are calling my name.

The weekend was just as fucked as I predicted, though we took a nice stroll through the Bonneville fish hatchery and sturgeon center on sunday. Man, sturgeon are some big, gnarly looking things.

I've eaten of those bitches, too, with their creepy eyes.

Looking forward again to the velodrome on wednesday. I suppose it would help me if I bothered to train at all, but what the fuck you gonna do? Life is short, and filled with stuff (thx Lux), so mostly I just try to grab a taste here and there since I don't really have time to pull up a chair.

Ory-gun is about to be inundated with presidential candidates, and Oaklanders. You know who you are.
I already know the Obama got no roll, but how bout you, Hamachi?


Not much else new around here.

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