Friday, May 9, 2008

So, wednesday I got to try half-lap pulls in an 8 man paceline around Alpenrose.

My weakness was apparent to all.

The track is a ball-busting motherfucker. Nowhere to hide.

Wifey's schedule is changing in the next couple of weeks, so friday night racing isn't far in my future. I have some serious work to do...

Mother's day is on sunday. If you don't get something great for your wife who is the mother of your obnoxious children you have little hope of getting any nookie before father's day.

Not a problem for me, since I'm building something out of old doors and discarded baseboards for wifey. Trouble is, I gotta get up at 4 tomorrow to get down to the shop to finish it before we take a trip to Grandma's House of Weird Food and Strange Ideas.

Here's hoping your weekend is better than mine is shaping up to be.

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