Monday, October 27, 2008

Third Lap Pain-Face in Full Effect.


Three-piece polyester suits, though stylish and comfortable, do not breathe well.

Same could be said for me, I guess.

Good times out at Astoria yesterday, what with all the crisp air and blowing leaves and ruddy flesh and beer, delicious beer.

I will race and finish mid-pack and be happy because I cannot leave that fucking IPA alone.

On another note, THIS is for Mr. Chris who I know has an irrational fear of sticks.

It never seems to end around here. PDX (the airport) is talking about putting in bicycle assembly/dis-assembly areas for two-wheeled travelers.
Caught this via Bike Portland.

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oldschooly said...

Dude! That stick...or branch shit is just not, effing, right. I bet that dude wished he had shaved his legs. I imagine that smile on his face means he's getting the good shit. Jealous.

And YOU...a vision in brown.