Monday, September 29, 2008

Many visitors and smiles planned for the next few weeks.

The Oakland G's will be on hand for some eating/drinking/chilling action.
I'm thinking Ceveche for friday night (photo recipe to come) and a suitcase of little red pills. I gotta pick up my jeans from my tailor Jae who is right near the seafood counter of my dreams, so I'll grab few fishy things.

Then maybe some pokpok?


The Khao Soi Kai might be my favorite dish at any restaurant, ever.

Then the 43's will be winging in from Les Bois, bikes in tow, and kids at Sis's house.

You bastards.

Mr. Chris will be happy to know that I've been involved in some deeply satisfying R&D into weird asian things we can eat, and have inadvertently stumbled upon what may be the Best Sardines of All Time.

Which is great, because Mang Tomas All Purpose Sauce is fucking vile stuff.


Thank god for Uwajimaya, in
all its glory.

The School's visit is supposed to have something to do with their old-asses reaching an anniversary of some sort, but it just coincidentally co insides with the
Oregon Manifest weekend of handmade bikes, booze and some sweet cross action.

My advice to Mr. Chris is to do nothing to prepare. Should I drop a mid-pack, master C victory upon his ruined, old self, I shall be pleased.

Looking forward to seeing you all, good friends.

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Jonny Hamachi said...

I'm predicting at least 3 boxes of pills for the 5 night stay.