Friday, April 11, 2008

There's nothing quite like the first warm day.

I worked up in the 'Couv, and was home by three. Fed the Lads, and threw them in the trailer.
We hit the east bank esplanade, and then hammered down the Springwater Corridor to Sellwood. Lots of bikes, lots of pretty girls, lots of smiles. We clocked a meager 16 miles, but the little fuckers are getting heavier by the day, and trying to maintain any kind of pace with them attatched to my rear axle is becoming torment of the rudest kind.

The fuckin city and the river looked beautiful.

We finished doing our taxes. "We" being "the marital we" meaning Wifey did them all by herself. The rent is paid, there's two more Laginitas ipa's cooling, and the weather is supposed to be fine all weekend.

Just now, just this minute, most things seem pretty right.


fourthree said...

Abe, I've been enjoying Widmers Crimson Wheat '08. It is truly a beautiful beer. My new favorite in fact. It's too bad that it's in limited run. I will be in mourning when it no longer graces the shelves of the beer store.
Give the fam a round of kisses from me and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Anonymous said...

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