Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monocle Man

I'm bummed about Monocle Man. He's everywhere.

The bummerest part is that I might be mistaken for He.

Except that I Work in my Workwear. Or used to, at least.

Now just fetishised and fading artifacts from my life in sawdust.





Jonny Hamachi said...

Sexy Boots

oldschooly said...

The Bikesnob calls them 'Fakerjacks' as in fake lumberjacks. You've been rocking that style far too long to be lumped in with them. You've raised chickens! You fish sometimes! You have a splitting maul. You own a shotgun for chrissakes.

A23 said...

All true, schools, but I also wear big black glasses, have tattoos, am a food/beer jerk, and live in west Brooklyn (Portland).

Whaddaya gonna do?