Monday, March 29, 2010

Compost Bag

If it's 70 degrees and all of the trees that looked dead a few days ago are lurid, be sure to ride the bike to work like you always do and with

keys wallet ipod phone clogs work-shirt drink-chits all in ruck. Sing merrily the way. The sun warming your crotch. Fuck, stop for a beer because you have time but you know

already and I don't have to warn you if you live here that the wind will start at nine; blow all of the umbrellas down the street and up on the roof. Then the rain. And rain.


There's always a compost bag somewhere to keep the important parts dry.

Thanks Shayne for the photo.


P77 said...

It's 55 here and the rain is en route, maybe even some snow by midweek. My "raincoat" is the same beat up old rag I bought 12 years ago and only keeps me dry if there is enough wool under it to absorb the leaks. Bike ridin' is always fun anyway, don't you say?

grimm said...

What an amateur NWer move…rain coat and fenders with ya always until June.

Im glad you took the shitty weather in stride though. Could be the latest fashion.