Thursday, December 31, 2009


1- Improve father skills.

2- Depression will not get me.

3- Less talk, more rock.

4- Air out the Colnago.

5- More poetry, less yelling.

6- Air out The Wife.

7- Neck tattoos.

8- Pushups.

9- Mixtapes.

10- I will do better.

Do you have things that you'd you'd like to work on?

Will you tell me about them?

I'm listening to you.



Gunnar Berg said...

1. check
2. check and double-check
3. check, more blues
4. check (or McLean)
5. check. A good time to start
6. check
7. naaaa
8. naaaa
9. ? don't even know what this is.
10. check

11. ride my bike more
12. eat better
13. plant more perennials

Gunnar Berg said...

Just when I'm finally ready for a tattoo, they have become blase, middle class...unless they are on the face, which only Maori can pull off well.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Nope, I'm cool.

Gunnar Berg said...

Maybe you don't understand. The women get to write the list, not us.

C39 said...

1) Be a better husband <+all it entails to help wife's happiness>

2)Land the job at Castelli I'm interviewing for

3) Land a job if #2 washes out

4) Ride more hills

5)Kick the nic sticks sometime real soon

6) Lasso you into riding together

7) Copy your #2

8) Refine my embro recipes

9) Travel for pleasure, not funeral

10) Copy your #3

I've been pretty good on my resolve of 2003 to not make any more stupid resolutions. This is a list comprised of shit I'll be doing anyways and seeing as 50% of it is made of things that I'll have a little control over I'm not really aiming high. Oh well, there's always next year I suppose.

reverend dick said...

I think I'll wing it.

jason said...

1. i have to agree with your #1.

2. less frustration/depression.

3. bike more in the rain.

4. go out more with wife.

5. go out more with friends.

6. eat less.

7. sit-ups.

8. listen to my records more.

9. be more handy around the house.

10. clean up the '62 and sell it.