Monday, July 28, 2008


More of the Thos. Harper. God, I'm glad to be riding this bike again. It feels good.




Wifey and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary on friday. My 'rents drove 650 miles (each way) to watch the Lads so we could have a bit of fun. We started with a nice little dinner at the Farm Cafe, followed up by a trip to Union Jacks for a bit of the old nekkid girl/brass pole interface. We came home drunk and smoky and slept on the porch.

Saturday night, she rode her bike up to the Bye and Bye to meet me as I got off of work. We ate chili and drank tequila and rode around in the dark. Then we went home and slept on the porch.

Not a bad weekend, over all.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Looser! Looser! Looser! I'm Such A Looser! I was fucking there that day and I can't remeber!

oldschooly said...

Hey, uh, Cody has repreo Thos. Harper decals in his bench at the shop. He had a bit of a restoration on one. Disassemble. Powdercoat. Reassemble with new decals and some new bits. Come to think of it, the three Harpers I've seen have all been track bikes. Anyway, you should get those decals from Cody.

A23 said...

Axe him up for me, pleases?

reverend dick said...

Don't know who this Thos. Harper character is, but that photo is TRULY kickass.