Monday, June 9, 2008

Big shouts to Jonny Hamachi ( for coming up with these clips. Adam5100 is no joke, and I felt like I needed to put these here to help get the word out.

Yes, I'm a bartender again.

You try to get away. You retire, You drink your last free shot of tequila and break up with your drug dealer and take that white towel out of your back pocket and drop it to the mats. You say goodbye to all the sad-sack dudes and the good-time girls and count out that big stack of wet stinky bills for the last time. You leave it. You move to the country, have a couple of kids, and start seeing the sun rise thru the windshield of your truck with a cup of coffee, instead of with a pool cue and a pack of exports and the last of the blow burning a hole in your shirt pocket.

You hang out at the feed store, and drink beer at home under the big oak.

And, because they mostly always do, things go to shit. So it's another city, another group of friends. Different ways. Different means.

I got no room to bitch. The world has been kinder to me than I ever deserved.

Fuck it, I'm going back in. Wish me luck, bitches.

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