Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday rules. I cut out of work at 2:30 and booked home to see my sick little kids. The Lads are all snot, and grumpy as shit. But they're playing quietly together right now, which might be one of the best aspects of having twins.
Besides of course that it's some kind of rad/weird science experiment.

Very few things in this life better than a bottle of barleywine, some sharp cheddar, and a rack of saltines. If Mr Chris was here we'd be all over some high-quality canned fish, I can assure you.
This one's for you, Mr Chris.


You'll notice in the background that the walls of my kitchen have been redone in a smashing builder paper brown and blue tape motif. That's how I'm livin out here, yo.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.



WBC Boise Chapter said...

canned fish is for dum-dums, sucker.
Or is it canned fish is for suckers, dum-dum?
I'll take that chees an crackers though.
Happy holidaze freebirds.

fourthree said...

I suppose it takes a broad mind to appreciate the pleasures of a can of Sardinas En Salsa De Tomate Picante. Or how about two layers of little fish in olive oil? Oh, yes!
Some cheese heads can't see past their own curds.

Long Live Saltines.

Merry Holidays,