Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We're here.

It's difficult to know even where to begin, again. Now that all of the madness is dying down, and lives become settled, routines established.
It seems silly to me that I should even bother to embark upon recording these trivialities. They are just the same for all of us. No difference.

Simple really. Get job. Get place to live. Wife get job. Ride bikes, drink beer, eat well, raise kids, try to stay dry.

The last time I felt so lucky to be in a place was in SF in the early nineties.
Every day I look around Portland, and just think about how I'm bummed that I haven't been living here for years already. Of course, the place has it's problems. My truck has already been stolen and returned less one Blaupunkt CD unit and $500 worth of tools and plus a bunch of bottles and cans (Just clap your hands...) It's been a couple of trying months. Living out of paper bags, driving too much, sleeping in weird beds.
Luckily, we've been provided with a bunch of family we didn't even know we had who've all pitched in to help us get settled. We've depended so much on our friends the last few years, there's no way we'll ever be able to repay those kindnesses. And so it goes again. Another move and major life change. Another city.

Our old pals the G's are coming up from Oakland this weekend for a visit.
I went ahead and took monday off of work, since I figure I'll be too hung over to even get to the phone for a number of days running. Those fuckers ruin me every time.

I'm starting work on our new digs tomorrow, and should be moved in in a couple of weeks. Nice, friendly neighborhood. Lots of kids. Hot tub. I plan on sitting in the hot tub all winter. In the rain. Try and stop me.

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