Monday, May 17, 2010



I did not push it here. I did not have to push it into the shop. It moved itself, loudly, and with little chirps from the tires.

There has been some progress in this life. There are disappointments. My own failings.

But, the kids are beautiful and the car runs. Another summer looks up from getting dressed and smiles.



oldschooly said...

Hail to the Ghost! Long Live the Green Ghost!

A23 said...

Do you remember fourth-of-july in Malad city, doing an easy hundred with both of our pregnant wives in the backseat?

Seems like a long time ago man.

Gunnar Berg said...

Lord have mercy! That is a beautiful thing. (I have NO car. Worse, NO truck.)

oldschooly said...

Oh I do, I do remember. Americana at it's finest.