Thursday, July 16, 2009

I haven't gone up to Tabor this year. Too busy daddying, working on the Coronet, and being Lord High Bartender.

I don't even really want to race bicycles anymore. I'm happy commuting on Big Blue and wearing regular shoes.

Trying to be competitive does nothing but make me feel frustrated that I can't devote the time, and I end up hating myself for every pound I gain. This isn't fun. It sucks.

It has, however, been good to see my friend Ben Grimm turn into one of the fast guys in town. He has legs, and lungs, and lots and lots of the thing that cannot be purchased or taught.

Dude has Heart.

Sad today to hear he crashed (again), and on the last night of the volcano suffering, just as we've been talking about starting to train for cross.

It wasn't the Death Wheel.


But, the same damn high-dollar fork that I have.


And the fucker snapped off right in the middle. How does this happen?


Such a bummer.


Fxdwhl said...

I think fondly of racing again, but I'm greatly lacking in follow through. Ribs better but I've yet to register for anything. And it seems frivelous when you're near broke too.

Tales like your bud's keep reminding me of why I ride steel. Might be time to look at your steerer as well

oldschooly said...

Easton, Holmes. Mal peligroso.....or so I've heard.

grimm said...

The volcano had it out for me this year after I finally won a race. Def frustrating (and a bit painful), I was hoping to finish the series better overall and have a shot at beating walton.

I dunno, racing def caters to those that can invest money and time. But thats not why you go race, its for the thrills, and a few stories. Those times where you give it your all and it pays off. Plus it gives ya a reason to attempt to stay in shape.

I hope to see you at all the cross races this year buddy. Once I can ride again lets hit tabor. But no goddamned bunny hopping in front of me this year, ive hit my accident quota for awhile.

grimm said...

Fork finally got replaced. And so Im selling the frame fork. It was too small for me anyways.