Friday, April 17, 2009


Mr. Chris got at me this morning with a link to this blog.


I told him that I am familiar with it, but that I steer clear of it because it makes me feel dirty.

Springtime in Portland, too. Which means the roll-ups were open at the bar last night, all the sweet kids were lined up to get loaded, and I rode home with a fat roll in the pouring rain and went to sleep as the chirble-wirbles were beginning their morning songs.

Through a concentrated effort of whining, cajoling, and back-stabbing, I have maneuvered myself to be down to three good bar shifts and an admin day. This is good news for you, dear readers, as I may actually find the time to sit down her and regale you with tales from beautiful Portland, the west coast's most passive-aggressive city.

Or, is it?

Check back. I'm going to try to stay on top of this.


Gunnar Berg said...

By heritage I am a Dane, as is my wife, the fair and lovely Lorna. Take my word for it, Danish ladies are hot!

reverend dick said...

For what is worth...Portland needs to ease up on how awesome it thinks itself to be.

You are the exception,OK?

If you don't lik it, Portland, then wrassle me for it. Bitches.