Sunday, March 22, 2009

O, hai.

I like this picture.

The Reigning Sound will have a new record out soon.

I will get back to this blog sometime.

I've been pulling a bunch of 12/13/14 hour shifts. I bought clogs. Fucking clogs.

Don't ask me, Lads, for I just don't know.


Gunnar Berg said...

Technology changes. Real legs don't. Damn! chiseled them suckers outta oak.
Clogs? I'm so sorry for you Abraham; will you be procuring the new Volvo station wagon by month's end then?

reverend dick said...

Hopefully them clogs got steel toes, brother.

A23 said...

Listen very carefully to the lyrics of the song, and know that I won't be buying shit for a long time to come.

oldschooly said...

Dude, Those effing legs! WTF? I've gotta go and get on my bike......